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Sen. Cory Booker says he doesn’t want to be president, but nobody believes him

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Tea bags are the new gong. Don’t believe us? Just ask Sen. Cory Booker (D-N.J.), who got a fistful of tea bags thrown at him during an otherwise routine appearance on the premiere of “The Nightly Show With Larry Wilmore” on Monday.

In a segment called “keeping it a hundred” (translation: “let’s be completely honest with one another, friends”) Wilmore, last seen as the senior black correspondent on Jon Stewart’s “The Daily Show,” asked a panel of experts, including actor Bill Burr and rapper Talib Kweli, each one question that they had to answer truthfully.

Everything was going smoothly until Booker got his time at bat (Around the 2:57 mark in the above clip).

“Okay you ready? You gotta keep it a hundred,” challenged Wilmore.

“Bring it,” challenged a clearly overconfident Booker. It’s never a good sign when someone quotes a cheerleading movie.

And then came Wilmore’s curve ball: “Do you want to be president?”

“Ah no,” answered Booker. Cue the nervous ha-has. Cue the loud boos from the audience.

That’s when Wilmore threw an actual bag of “weak tea” (translation: “your answer was unconvincing, sir”) at a U.S. senator.

Booker tried to rebut: “We all, especially in politics, we are far too concerned with position than purpose.” Wilmore wasn’t buying it though, and more tea was slung in the senator’s direction.

Let this be a lesson to politicos headed to the “Nightly Show” studio in the near future. Bring hot water.

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