Donald Trump at the Old Post Office building. (Julia Schmalz / Bloomberg)

Donald Trump is apparently none too pleased with the way things are progressing at the site of the Old Post Office Building, where he’s constructing the classiest hotel this side of Atlantic City’s Trump Taj Mahal.

During an appearance on the “Kelly and Michael” talk show on Wednesday, the mogul boasted that he’d “beat up” (metaphorically, of course) some contractors working on the project, in an effort to keep his costs down.

When perky host Kelly Ripa asked what a busy guy like Trump did on a snow day, The Trump replied that he never rests, natch. “I did a lot of work, I beat up some contractors,” he said, describing his work day. “Meaning I called them and respectfully said, ‘I don’t like what you’re doing’ and I got their price down a little.”

Sounds like he’s a dream to work for.

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