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Lots of ‘famous for D.C.’ folks signing up for the new luxury-at-home app Veluxe

Last March, we told you all about the new beauty-on-demand app Veluxe, hatched by Washington socialite-turned-start-up boss Susanna Quinn. Well, your personal yoga instructor will see you now.  The wait’s finally over — sort of.

On Jan. 12, Veluxe launched in beta, and exclusive set of 80 Washingtonians have received their personally tailored invite codes (Example: “Boehnerissoveluxe”). Okay, so we’re not entirely sure that House Speaker John Boehner (R-Ohio) is a Veluxer just yet. But a higher-up of his ilk isn’t that far off.

“We’ve had hundreds and hundreds of requests for invite codes,” said Quinn in a recent interview, estimating that she’s received about 500 requests. “I’m going through them and there’s a congresswoman who signed on and requested an invite code.”

It’s unclear whether that congresswoman is the same person who gave Quinn the app’s first-ever review: “I feel tanner and thinner and more beautiful …”

So who are the other Washington VIPs queuing up for blow drys, yoga, personal training and makeup application in the comfort of their open concept living rooms? Quinn’s not telling.

But during our phone conversation while scrolling through her spreadsheets and throwing out terms like algorithm and metrics, Quinn hovered over some heavyweights. There are the folks who work at 1600 Penn., the high-profile political reporter, the local news anchor, a fashion editor, businesswomen, the wives of powerful men and State Department employees, to not name a few.

If Quinn has her way, her curated customer base will be using Veluxe as a verb before the year is out. So pay attention “Word of the Year” voters. “Mass luxury” is the buzzy goal, so fret not Hill staffers, White House staffers and any other Washington industry with staffers — the prices are competitive.

Quinn described her ideal Veluxer thusly: “I want the person who lives in Vienna and works as a busy lawyer who doesn’t have the time to go to the salon because she’s got the school auction on Thursday night.”

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