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Charlie Sheen and silverware? Not a good combo.

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Actor Charlie Sheen certainly made his mark on Washington.

Continuing his seemingly random tour of D.C institutions, Sheen was spotted at Charlie Palmer Steak on Monday afternoon.

The professional bad boy joined his longtime stunt double, Eddie Braun, (who looks a lot like Sheen’s dear old dad, Martin Sheen, a.k.a. the most beloved pretend president of all time), plus one security detail, just as the power spot’s lunch time crowd was clearing out, at around 3:15 p.m.

Things, of course, got weird.

About halfway through their meal, the resto’s staff was asked to remove the silverware from Mr. Sheen’s place setting because, wait for it, he kept “banging it on things.” We asked our source just exactly what “banging on things” entailed. Was he just drumming to the sick beats pounding in his head or was it more like a two-year-old’s temper tantrum? Our tipster couldn’t tell.

Sans knife or spoon or fork, Charlie was then forced to eat with. his. bare. hands. Seriously. And seeing as how Sheen had ordered a salad with grilled chicken, as opposed to a finger-friendly hamburger, people noticed.  According to the tipster, Sheen had three Glenlivet 25s.

We’re still not sure what he has to say about the lunch.

Charlie’s longtime publicist, Jeffrey Ballard said the actor was in D.C. “on a personal visit. Not on any business.”

Coincidentally, Sheen, who left D.C. Monday night, was in town at the same time a whistleblower case involving a D.C. police captain and a police escort for Sheen went to trial.

In 2011, D.C. Capt. Hilton Burton was in charge of the Special Operations Division when Sheen got an escort from Dulles International Airport. Sheen was running late for his comedy show, “My Violent Torpedo of Truth: Defeat Is Not an Option.” The actor humble-bragged about his 80 mph police escort on Twitter, describing the zip-through-red lights ride “like somebody’s about to deliver a baby.”

Burton claims he was demoted for telling the D.C. council that police escorts for celebrities were common, a practice D.C. Police Chief Cathy Lanier had denied. Later, Burton was demoted two ranks from commander to captain. Burton said the demotion was because he told the truth. Lanier said it was because of his performance in an unrelated incident. A call to Burton’s attorney was not immediately returned. The trial is ongoing and, sorry to disappoint, there was no Charlie cameo.

What we do know is that Charlie Sheen cannot stop being Charlie Sheen.

On his way out of Charlie Palmer at around 5:15 p.m., our source said Sheen, ever the charmer, stopped to chat with one of the hostesses (who the actor had previously hugged on his way in). Our tipster added that Sheen tried to convince said hostess to hang with him afterwards.

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