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Solidcore, first lady Michelle Obama’s fave, is closing its Adams Morgan location

Sad news for fitness fanatics heading to Solidcore in Adams Morgan for the highly intense workout (and, just maybe, the possibility of a first lady sighting): The studio at 1841 Columbia Road is closing due to a dispute with the building’s landlord.

We assume Michelle Obama, who’s been spotted several times getting her sweat on at the AdMo location, received a recent e-mail from Solidcore founder, Anne Mahlum, which read in part:

“Because the building is so old and the space is so small, there is nothing that can be done to fully soundproof the space. After lengthy legal negotiations with our [landlord], we will be closing our current ADMO location on Friday, February 27th.”

We caught up with Mahlum in between classes, and she described the move as “bittersweet.”

“It just wasn’t a good match anymore,” said Mahlum about her company’s relationship with Urban Investment Partners, the company that owns the Adams Morgan building.

Steve Schwat, a principal at UIP, said the company wished Mahlum well. “We’re sorry that she has to go,” added Schwat, “and we wish her luck at her next location.”

Noise — from the loud music to the instructor’s miked positive feedback — was the major issue, explained Mahlum, whose first studio (there are several in the area) opened on the ground floor of 1841 Columbia Rd. in 2013 before apartments on the top stories of the building had been rented. Classes began at 5 a.m. — a unwelcome wake up call for the building’s eventual residents. So Mahlum was asked to pack her megaformers and go.

“We tried turning down the music, but the building was just so old that nothing was going to work,” said Mahlum.

Solidcore is currently in “conversations” with two new developments in the neighborhood — The Adamo and Ontario 17 — and a new space should be ready for prime time in May. In the meantime Mrs. Obama might be getting her fix at the Cathedral Commons location, just a few blocks from Sidwell Friends.

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