Photo courtesy Goldin Auctions.

C’mon, America! It’s practically a national embarrassment in the land of $10 lattes that no one will cough up enough dough to buy a genuine piece of our nation’s history — that is, a bunch of clothes, including a nightgown, the belonged to former White House intern Monica Lewinsky.

An auctioned lot of Lewinsky memoribilia, which included a black lace bedroom number, failed to meet its reserve price on Sunday. The top bid (of two) was $13,750, which did not meet the unlisted minimum set for the sale.

Here’s the complicated chain of custody: Lewinsky gave the items to a drama teacher with whom she had an affair; they were later given to independent counsel Ken Starr, then returned to the teacher’s ex-wife. It’s the second time the items have languished on the auction block. A 2013 effort to sell a similar lot failed, after the trove fetched only $12,650.

A rep for the auction house says the seller (who’s undisclosed, in this case) can re-list the items, and that sometimes it takes two or three times to get the reserve.

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