First lady Michelle Obama. (AP Photo/Jacquelyn Martin)

Black SUVs parked ominously in an alley, hand-held metal detectors and a bunch of “really tall guys in suits”? Sounds like a recipe for a VVIP sighting.

On Wednesday night, a tipster followed the whiff of the White House to Rose’s Luxury, the Barracks Row bistro crowned America’s best new restaurant by food Bible Bon Appetit. Secret Service agents at the front door? Come on.

Turns out the “very very important person” inside was first lady Michelle Obama, who arrived at the no-reservation resto with seven friends just as it opened. The group noshed at a semi-private table in the back of the dining room and according to chef/owner Aaron Silverman, “a lot of people actually didn’t notice.”

Silverman, who we caught in the middle of making himself breakfast the morning after his big night, said the restaurant didn’t have a ton of time to make special preparations for Mrs. O’s first trip there. “We found out right before she was showing up.” The group, he added, ordered “almost the entire menu.”

So what’s it like having one of the most recognizable women in the whole world come into your restaurant? “We pretty much just left them alone,” said Silverman, who stopped by Mrs. O’s table to explain a few dishes. “They were having a good time and laughing. They’re just like normal people. It was kind of crazy.”

Well, not totally normal, right?

Silverman did admit that Obama and her friends didn’t have to wait in the restaurant’s famously long line.

“There’s one or two people in this world that might be able to get a reservation and she’s definitely one of them,” said Silverman.

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