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How the entire Pittsburgh Penguins hockey team ended up at a random German restaurant last night

Hey isn’t that… almost the entire Pittsburgh Penguins hockey team having a guys night out at Cafe Mozart on Tuesday night?

A few days ago, the German deli/bar/restaurant got a call from Penguins player Christian Ehrhoff, who was on his way to town for a match up against the Washington Capitals tonight. Born and raised in Germany, Ehrhoff, who usually stops by Cafe Mozart when he’s in town, wanted a reservation for 36.

“I see him at least twice a year,” said one of Cafe Mozart’s owners, Farhan Ahmad.

Somehow the word of their imminent arrival spread. When the team, including big names Sidney Crosby and Marc-André Fleury, arrived at about 6 p.m. they were greeted by a smattering of applauding fans.

After some obligatory selfie-taking, the team got down to business, pointing at the most expensive items on the menu.

“Lots of weinerschnetzel,” said Ahmad. “They weren’t ordering like amateurs.”

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