Resolved: the whole “slap ‘chief’ in front of made-up title to make it sound wonky” meme is worn out. But in the curious case of local liquor hero Derek Brown the weighty title “Chief Spirits Advisor for the National Archives Foundation” (the organization’s first ever, obviously) fits.

At an opening reception on Monday, Brown, a semifinalist for a James Beard Award in 2015, handcrafted a signature punch named for the Archives’s new history of hootch exhibit, “Spirited Republic: Alcohol in American History” — because we all know you can’t tell the story of America without a few shots. Brown’s concoction, a mix of rye whiskey, rum, peach liqueur, and hickory smoked cola syrup, was dubbed “dangerous” by one guest.

“Spirited Republic” chronicles the federal government’s wins and losses in alcohol policy from the American Revolution to Prohibition and beyond. So no big surprise that Washington’s liquor lobby elite came out to celebrate their boozy multi-billion dollar industry. Reps from the Wine and Spirits Wholesalers of America, the Beer Institute, and the National Beer Wholesalers Association were all there.

And since wine loosens the tongue, we hear convos over stirred drinks steered toward who would replace liquor honcho Peter Cressy, CEO of the Distilled Spirits Council. Cressy, who didn’t attend Monday night’s reception, plans to retire from his seven-figure gig at the top of the cocktail chain by the end of the year.