Democratic strategist Paul Begala is seen in this file photo from Oct. 5, 2008, during a live taping of “Meet the Press” from NBC in Washington, D.C. (Brendan Smialowski/Getty Images)

Everyone knows there’s no crying in baseball. But there’s also no resting in politics, even during a harrowing medical emergency. Just ask Paul Begala.

The irrepressible Democratic consultant suffered an appendicitis attack earlier this month during a trip to Israel. Begala was in Israel advising Isaac Herzog, who has emerged as the front-runner challenging Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in Tuesday’s elections. Did a little trip to the hospital slow Begala down? How do you say “nope” in Hebrew?

Begala managed to convert his Tel Aviv hospital room into a “war room,” where amid the IV hookups and other medical equipment, he was able to dash off memos and speeches over hospital WiFi. The campaign staff — and even the candidate himself — arrived for bedside meetings. “I honestly believe I was more productive in the hospital than if I’d been at the campaign headquarters,” Begala said via e-mail.

“If you have to have an emergency appendectomy anywhere (and is there any other kind?), I highly recommend Tel Aviv,” Begala wrote. “Best care anywhere.”

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