Rep. Aaron Schock at the U.S. Capitol Building in 2008. (Susan Walsh/ AP)

Well, that escalated quickly. Rep. Aaron Schock (R-Ill.), the young congressman known best for his abs and fondness for “Downton Abbey,” plans to vacate the office that made him Instagram famous.

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So as we bid a fond farewell to “America’s Fittest Congressman,” the 33-year-old who never met a shirt he couldn’t take off for the cameras, why not take a look back at the extracurricular activities that launched a political career tailor-made for “Dancing With the Stars: Season 21.” Here are the best (or worst) moments of Schock’s time in the spotlight.

Update: This is why we can’t have nice things! The former congressman has made his Instagram account private. Things were probably getting a little tricky. So we’ll have to just imagine the cache of photos chronicling Schock’s love/hate relationship with social media. 

1. Our first glimpse of what was under Schock’s hood came in 2009 when TMZ posted a photo of the congressman wearing nothing but red swim trunks and a smirk. Later the same year, Schock attempted to clean up that image a bit by posing with actual clothes on for a 2009 GQ fashion spread.

This wouldn’t last long.

Illinois Republican Rep. Aaron Schock, 28, poses for a fashion spread in GQ magazine’s October 2009 issue. (Photo courtesy of GQ)

2. In 2011, a shirtless Schock showed off his “political muscle” (get it!) for the cover of Men’s Health magazine, sealing his reputation as the guy who could do more sit-ups than all the other guys in Congress, which, in fact, is not a thing constituents care about. 

Rep. Aaron Schock poses on the cover of Men’s Health, May 2011 (Photo courtesy of Men’s Health.)

3. In August 2013, Schock discovered Instagram and his allergic reaction to button downs continued.

[Imagine an Instagram of a grinning Schock baring his chest while surfing a killer wave in Hawaii]

4. The only cure? More celebrity selfies. 

[Picture Schock in a Instagram cheek to cheek with pop starlet Ariana Grande and her duck lips]

5. In February, our colleague Ben Terris unveiled Schock’s expensive interior decorating tastes prompting an Office of Congressional Ethics review of his spending. In a full circle moment, the congressman prefers red. 

Rep. Aaron Schock’s (R-Ill.) new office in the Rayburn Office Building, which was designed to resemble the dining room of the PBS show “Downton Abbey.” (Ben Terris/TWP)