Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Shailene Woodley stroll past the White House grounds in a scene from feature film “Snowden.” (Courtesy of Open Road Films)

Suddenly, Edward Snowden is everywhere — again.

A statue of the former government contractor’s likeness was just erected, quickly taken down, in a Brooklyn park. John Oliver interviewed Snowden for “Last Week Tonight.” And over in Adams Morgan, director Oliver Stone was filming a biopic about him.

The cast and crew of the upcoming film “Snowden” took over Tryst coffee shop in the neighborhood’s main corridor to shoot a scene in which Snowden, who is played by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, first met girlfriend Lindsay Mills, who’s being played by Shailene Woodley.

And it seems that the low-key coffee house known for its funky mis-matched furniture, isn’t just a Hollywood stand-in — Snowden and Mills actually spent time there together, long before he became the planet’s most notorious leaker of classified information. Little is known about the origins of the couple’s long-term relationship, since Snowden is hyper-private about the details of his personal life (government secrets, on the other hand, not so much).

“They definitely actually came here on dates,” said Tia Scagliarini, Tryst’s front-of-the-house manager, who was one of five employees who played extras during the Monday shoot. She says that in the Stone-directed scene, the couple is shown meeting for the first time.

Mills, a dancer who moved with Snowden to Hawaii and later to Moscow, hails from Laurel, and Snowden attended high school and community college in the Maryland ‘burbs — so it’s possible that the pair trekked into the city for late-night lattes. Anyone wanting to retrace their romance might head for Tryst’s Table 36, where their actor doppelgangers filmed their date scene. “Still has that Hollywood glow to it,” Scagliarini said.

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