There are many things we’ve come to expect from White House correspondents’ dinner weekend — town car gridlock, selfies of journalists all dolled up, pointless Instagrams of pretty hors d’oeuvres. . .  and the People-Time party swag bag.

In 2013, the now famous bag weighed in at a whopping 20.6 pounds. In 2014, it slimmed down to 17.2 pounds.

But it seems to have gone on a diet in 2015. The goodies-stuffed knapsack handed out to guests at the hard-to-crash reception at the St. Regis now weighs a trim 8.4 pounds.

Yet extrapolating from our own Internet research, there’s still more than $550 worth of swag stuffed in the easy-to-carry LeSportsac backpack. “I need an afternoon to go through it,” said Fortune Editor Alan Murray, who had yet to explore all of his. The one item that caught his eye: The SoulCycle free pass and gift certificate. Someone save that man a bike!

Over-sized gift bags are common at fancy parties in New York or L.A., but less so in Washington, and their annual appearance here always seems to signal the overall excess of the White House correspondents’ weekend. Wondering how the magazines can afford such a swank bag? Don’t worry, they generally don’t cost the party host money: Marketers typically donate the goods, in hopes that the wealthy/influential/famous guests will get hooked on their brands or, even better, be photographed with them.

(Like most media organizations, The Washington Post has ethics limitations on the dollar amount of gifts its staffers can accept. The company runs an annual holiday bazaar to sell or auction the various swag that makes its way to the newsroom, with proceeds donated to local charities.)

Here’s a list of everything inside:

Health and beauty

Colgate-Palmolive toothbrush and whitening pen

Designer Skin faux natural sunless

Emi-Jay Inc. hair ties

hello Products supermint toothpaste

philosophy all-day skin moisturizer

SoulCycle — $100 gift certificate

Vitabath scrub

ZIRH Men’s Skincare mild face wash

Burt’s Bees Beeswax lip balm


eyn phone case with storage

ResQwalk app plush dog toy

For the feet

Bombas Bee Better Sock

Toyota foot massage kit: wooden massager, foot lotion, salts

Food and drink

Kusmi Tea Rose green tea

LeBon Garcon Caramels

Taza Chocolate

Snappers by Edward Marc Brands


Sally King Benedict print


Built Uptown lunch tote

LeSportsac Voyager backpack

Recent issues of Time and People (of course!)

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