HANDOUT PHOTO: L-R: MichaelLomenda, Joseph Leo Bwarie, Preston Truman Boyd, and John Gardiner in "Jersey Boys," at National Theatre Nov. 10 - Jan. 7 (Photo by Joan Marcus) (Courtesy of Center Stage Marketing. Contact Deb Fiscella for re-use: DFMPR@aol.com)
Michael Lomenda, Joseph Leo Bwarie, Preston Truman Boyd and John Gardiner in “Jersey Boys” at National Theatre in 2011. (Joan Marcus)

Hey isn’t that… Michael Lomenda, who played bass singer Nick Massi in the stage and screen version of the musical “Jersey Boys,” diving into half-priced happy hour at Old Ebbitt Grill on Sunday?

While munching on crab claws and sipping bourbon (we assume it’s good for the vocal chords?), Lomenda, who will be performing with his “Jersey Boys” castmates during Tuesday’s state dinner at the White House, was extremely gracious to the folks who recognized him. Our spy says that the crooner even chatted about his Hollywood hopes — which have grown exponentially since the film (his first) was released last summer.

Lomenda has mentioned an impending move from his native Canada to L.A. in previous interviews, and he told our source Sunday that he’s got a fancy la-la land agent and everything. There’s just one issue: Lomenda is still waiting on his green card to come through. Maybe he’ll find a way to mention that fun fact to POTUS on Tuesday?