Barack and Michelle Obama dished on their post-retirement plans during their separate final appearances on “The Late Show with David Letterman” this past week. And about the only thing they seemed to agree on was that more hanging out with the retiring host seems like a fine idea — otherwise, their notions diverge.

On Monday, during his eighth visit to the show, President Obama suggested he and Letterman square off over dominoes and sip coffee together.

“I was thinking you and me, we could play some dominoes together. We could, you know, go to the local Starbucks [and] swap stories,” Obama jested. “I really like the idea of playing some dominoes with you.”

Of course, their bones match would have to come quickly after Obama exits the White House as he told Letterman he intends to take only a month off.

“Are you kidding me?” Letterman exclaimed. “After eight years of this, you’re only planning on taking a month off?”

But, it seems the commander-in-chief hasn’t consulted his wife about his intentions. Or maybe it’s the other way around?

When FLOTUS appeared on the “The Late Show” Thursday she proposed to the 68-year-old host, “I think we should hang out together. We could do things.” She then enthusiastically offered to help Letterman raise his 11-year-old son Harry — who, the host lamented, can be “cheerful and happy,” one moment and “all of a sudden, all we do is argue and reason escapes the planet.”

“I can help you through those dark times. . . I can walk you through it,” joked Michelle, who divulged that one of the first daughters is a “grumpy cat” and “salty biscuit,” but wouldn’t reveal whether it was Malia, 16, or Sasha, 13.

Looks like the Obamas have a lot of chatting to do in the next 20 months.

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