President Obama has a brand-new Twitter account, this one a personal handle (as opposed to the official White House one or the former campaign handle now used by his nonprofit, Organizing for Action) where he can theoretically lighten up a little.

Of course the account immediately attracted followers in droves — and @POTUS debuted with a well-curated list of accounts he was following: lots of Cabinet secretaries, a couple of former presidents, his alma maters and the like.

But if the president wants a fun feed to scan while when those joint chiefs of staff meetings get a little boring, he’ll need some lighter fare, beyond the Chicago Bulls. So who to add? We’ve got a few ideas.

Christy Teigen — The model and wife of big-time Obama supporter John Legend, is pretty funny.

Neil deGrasse Tyson — For science-y stuff from pop culture’s favorite astrophysicist.

Jonathan Van Ness  — Obama’s a “Game of Thrones” fan, so he’ll get the inside jokes from the hairstylist who does “Gay of Thrones” commentary on Funny or Die.

Katy Perry — The president could learn a few social-media tips from the pop star, who’s the most-followed celebrity (only she and Justin Beiber have more followers than the @barackobama account).


Sen. Claire McCaskill — He can take notes from the Missouri Democrat, too, on how pols can be funny, frank and personal on Twitter — even without selfies with Madonna.