MSNBC host Ed Schultz on Monday emerged the victor in a legal dispute with an NBC employee who says he was cut out of Schultz’s TV deal after helping the former radio broadcaster launch his on-screen career.

And although the federal jury’s decision means the blustery TV talker won’t have to shell out the $100,000 his would-be partner was seeking, the week-long trial still cost him a little something by way of pride.

The proceedings proved a bit embarrassing for Schultz: First, it revealed e-mails in which he dinged fellow MSNBC-er Chris Matthews (apparently, “The Ed Show” host thinks the “Hardball” host spits when he talks). Then, Schultz had to contradict his boss, MSNBC chief Phil Griffin, who said in taped testimony that he hired the former radio guy after watching him ask a question of President Obama at a televised news conference. In response to lawyers’ questions, Schultz, according to the Daily Caller, told the court that he actually hadn’t been called on at the presser in question.

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