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Prince is rumored to be adding a third D.C. performance this weekend

In this 2014 photo released by NPG Records, Prince performs in Birmingham, Britain. (AP Photo/NPG Records)

Trying (and failing) to score tickets to Prince’s two “surprise” shows at the Warner Theatre on Sunday? We’ve got good news: the Purple One is rumored to be adding another secret set to his Washington tour stop. Oh and some bad news: You probably won’t get into that performance either.

Whispers have been swirling since Thursday morning that Prince will be performing at the White House on Saturday as part of 1600 Penn.’s African-American Music Appreciation Month celebration. The White House has remained tight-lipped about the covert concert, most likely happening in the East Room where Stevie Wonder, Patti LaBelle, Aretha Franklin, John Legend and Justin Timberlake have all performed in the past.

The VVIP invite list is super tight, we’ve been told, but expect to spy Obama besties, former U.S. Attorney General Eric Holder and his wife, Sharon Malone, in the packed house. Other bigwigs forcing their assistants to hit refresh on the Live Nation Web site all day will most likely be disappointed when word gets around that the list for Prince’s White House performance has long since been vetted and closed.

“The last thing they want is for folks to start stalking about [for] invitations,” said one person who wasn’t “important enough” to get a golden ticket.