All 535 members of Congress got Meryl Streep’s autograph delivered straight to their offices on Tuesday. But don’t get too excited, Streepers. She did it for the votes.

The Oscar-winning actress penned a personal letter calling on members of the House and Senate to resurrect the Equal Rights Amendment of 1972, amending the Constitution to include equal rights for women.

“The ERA is not just a women’s rights issue,” wrote Streep, according to ERA Coalition, a campaign to get the amendment ratified, “it will have a meaningful benefit for the whole human family.” She added that the United States has encouraged other countries such as Afghanistan to write equal rights for women into their own constitutions and that it is to time that the U.S. “have it in our own.”

This call to action lines up pretty perfectly with Streep’s latest interview with first lady Michelle Obama in More Magazine. In the one-on-one with Mrs. O, who served as guest editor of the magazine’s July/August issue (on newsstands now), Streep praised Patricia Arquette’s Oscar speech, which highlighted gender wage disparity.

“For the first time, we have the expectation that we can have a broad array of choices, that we could lead in almost any part of society,” said Streep, who we spotted in town last February (most likely for her White House sit down). “And yet we face resistance. … How can we lift and defuse it, how do we make it so our equality is not so threatening?”