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Taylor Swift visits Capitol Hill! Oh wait, false alarm.

Taylor Swift performs during a concert at the Nationals Park in on Monday. Rumors of her Hill visit were greatly exaggerated. (Jabin Botsford/The Washington Post)

Hey, isn’t that… Pop star Taylor Swift, touring the Capitol building on Tuesday afternoon ahead of her concert at Nationals Park?

Actually, nope. Rumors that the “Shake It Off” singer would visit the Hill on the second day of her two-night D.C. tour were circulating around the marble hallways of Congress with the persistence of a earworm chorus, but it seemed TayTay had other plans. Fanning the swoon-worthy flames were several false alarms, including a joking midday tweet from a spokesman for Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.). “OMG, @ in the Rotunda?” wrote McConnell aide Don Stewart, with an accompanying pic of the back of a blond woman’s head.

Minutes later, he sought to quell the rumor mill, informing followers that Swift was not, in fact, in their midst. “Get back to work,” he wrote.

But Swift fever nevertheless was running high, particularly on a day with little major legislative business on hand. One amused senior staffer described watching a rush of orange-badged interns moving toward an apparent Swift sighting.

And a prankster appeared to be toying with the impressionable intern class, posting a message to a House staffers listserv inviting folks to a “Taylor Swift Reception” Tuesday night in the Rayburn Office Building. “All your interns are welcome!” it read.

The giveaway that the event was a phony? The room where it’s slated to be held doesn’t exist.