Brad Pitt, Bradley Cooper, President Obama: you just never know who will pop into Georgetown’s Cafe Milano for a drink. And now police are tracking down two men who did just that — only, you know, not like you’re supposed to.

D.C.’s finest are on the hunt for suspects who stole two bottles of liquor from the restaurant, a favorite of VIPs from the Beltway and beyond, on July 1 after it closed for the evening. One of them, according to the restaurant’s manager, has a warrant out for his arrest, although a police spokesman would say only that the case remains “under investigation.”

In surveillance video footage, the men are seen entering the kitchen of the famed eatery. One man, wearing a backpack and an untucked shirt, snags booze from behind the bar, while the other, dressed in a natty suit and pocket square, appears to play lookout.

According to the police report, the guys got away with a bottle of Grey Goose vodka and another of Campari (sounds like a refreshing summer drink was in the works) with a combined value of $100.

Milano’s owner, Franco Nuchese, said on Tuesday that he was out of town when the hooch heist occurred and is just now learning about the details. Allyson Parson, the guest relations manager, said in a later email that the overnight cleaning company alerted management to the incident.

“We procured a video from our surveillance cameras and filed a report with the police,” she said. “As we understand it, one of the suspects has a warrant out for his arrest.”

Police were offering up to $1,000 for information that leads to arrests and indictments. Which could actually buy you plenty of cocktails at Milano.