2015 Miss World Canada Anastasia Lin (Courtesy of Anastasia Lin)

Even as she worried aloud about whether her father might suffer the consequences of her testimony Thursday, Miss World Canada, 25-year-old Anastasia Lin, spoke out against the Chinese government’s human rights abuses in front of Congress.

“It’s a shock to realize that the man who made you feel safe is in danger,” said Lin of her father, a Chinese businessman who she said was pressured by the Communist party there to try to convince the beauty queen to abandon human rights as her public platform.

Appearing as a witness at the Congressional-Executive Commission on China’s hearing on religious persecution in China, Lin, who was born in Hunan province and moved to Canada at 13, said she feared that her testimony might make her father angry or anxious but eventually “remembered that silence helps no one, silence feeds terror.”

So the actress, who hopes to compete in the Miss World competition held in China this December, spent her time at the mike outlining the “gruesome and unspeakable” crimes (sexual assault, torture, murder) she said China’s government has carried out against Falun Gong practitioners. Lin, softspoken throughout, told the members present that the Chinese people needed a voice.

“I hope this can happen soon. For myself, this would give me back a father but for others it would save their lives,” said Lin.