Jack Black wants to make one thing clear. If Congress doesn’t pass the nuclear deal currently on the table with Iran than the whole world will be toast. Not “delicious” toast, mind you, but “a really dark unpleasant cloud of death” toast.

The roof of humanity’s mouth is in imminent danger, people, and Black and his really famous friends are here to save it.

In a new online PSA produced by Global Zero, an international movement calling for the elimination of all nuclear weapons, a host of celebs — including Black, “Orange is the New Black’s” Natasha Lyonne, star of every movie ever Morgan Freeman, spy next door Valerie Plame, and Queen Noor of Jordan — urge Americans to urge “hot headed members of Congress” not to screw up (Lyonne’s words, not ours) the deal with Iran.

Freeman, 78, put it even more bluntly: “The agreement currently on the table is the best way to insure Iran doesn’t build a f—— bomb.”