Comedian Kevin Hart and Rally Health CEO Grant Verstandig
visited Children’s Hospital in the District on Friday. (Photo courtesy of Rally Health)

It’s easy to forget that Kevin Hart doesn’t do politics. The funny guy’s got all the fixings of a future congressman — he can work a packed room in less than 60 seconds, coax a shy 4-year-old into a selfie, sound authoritative on serious issues, do about five TV interviews at once, then rinse and repeat. And all on zero sleep. “Actually I’m sleeping right now,” the 36-year-old comedian told us while taking a quick breather from doing the Cupid shuffle with young patients at Children’s Hospital. Earlier this morning, he ran a 5K in Georgetown with 2,000 of his closest fans. The night before, Hart performed in front of a sold-out crowd at Verizon Center. After all that, the comedian’s not only up and on, but he’s practically giddy. We wanted to know why and how.

The power of positivity seems to be your new calling.

As a young adult you’re stuck trying to figure it out. What am I here for? What do I want to do with life? What is my job? Found that. I’m a comedian. This is getting amazing. I have a platform where millions of people follow me and love me and tend to react to things I say. So what can I really use my powerful platform for? As a man and someone who wants to put his footprint on our world, I can use my platform to motivate and inspire.

Why do you think power and positivity don’t necessarily go together in a place like Washington? 

I’ve always stayed away from politics. But I think it all goes back to personality. As positive as you are I don’t believe it without a personality. If I don’t believe that you practice what you preach, then what you preach isn’t going to stick. Everybody can’t do it, and those that do win.

How are you even up right now?

I’m high on life, man. I’m a person that wakes up everyday and appreciates everything he has and why he has it. If you don’t take it for granted, then you have the will to work harder than anyone else in the room because you don’t want to lose it. That’s my mentality, and it’s not going to change, it’s only going to get bigger and better.

Speaking of bigger and better, have you thought of aligning your fitness message with Michelle Obama’s “Let’s Move” campaign?

Oh, you talking about me and M. Beezy? That’s what I call her.

I expected to see M. Beezy at the finish line of your 5K.

You’re know, they’re off, and they’re busy. Everything happens when it’s supposed to. I was a supporter of their campaign. I’m a friend of the first family.


Yes, friends. The president called me by my first name once — “Hey Kev.” That was a big day. More importantly when the time permits I’m a phone call away. What the first lady is doing is amazing. I’m on a completely different platform but those platforms can connect. I’ve got my mind set on a global takeover right now. What you see is just domestic.

So it’s not Kevin Hart for President, but Kevin Hart for like Ruler of the World?

There you go! You get it. Where have you been?

Are you looking ahead to 2016 yet?

I’ll throw this money somewhere. I won’t be a stranger, but I’ll wait until I actually have time to sit down and make a decision about who I want to support. But I always keep it a secret. I just do it and don’t nobody know about it.

With that, Hart bounces to the back of the room to meet more of the families calling Children’s home for the time being. But before disappearing back into the crowd the comedian has one message.

Make me sound tall.