Bono got a lot more than he bargained for at a concert earlier this month when he relinquished the microphone to a woman the Internet would eventually dub “Alyssa from D.C.”

She’d saved the U2 frontman by calling 911 after he broke an arm and an eye socket during a biking accident in Central Park last November.

At the concert, Bono said the “beautiful girl” was “from Denver.”

“Obviously I had to stop and help because I’m not from New York, I’m from Virginia, where people are nice,” Alyssa explained to the crowd after being handed the mike and correcting Bono’s grateful introduction: “I have to clarify, it’s Alyssa and I’m from D.C., not Denver.”

Cue the very loud and very angry boos even as Alyssa tried desperately to explain, “People! He wouldn’t be here tonight if it wasn’t for me.” Cue the headline: “Bono honors lady who helped in crash; she craps all over NYC.” And cue the questions: Just who was this caustic capped crusader?

According to friends she’s Alisa Harriot, just a mom from Reston, Va. who can sometimes push people’s buttons.

“That’s just how she is. She’s the one that pushes things a little too far,” said a friend of Harriot’s. “I think she was trying to be funny.”

According to this friend, neighbors began circulating video and news reports of Harriot’s Garden debut as soon as it happened. Despite the cellphone video’s grainy quality friends and neighbors instantly recognized “Alyssa from D.C.”

“Yeah, I mean she’s been bragging about it since that Sunday in the park,” said our source. “She’s the one who saved Bono’s life. She’s made that well known.”

Harriot did not reply to a phone call and e-mail requesting comment. But our source said not to worry. Harriot hasn’t been up nights replaying those 60 seconds in a continuously shame loop. “She laughed,” explained our source, “and said, ‘They just misunderstood me.'”