Time to update that congressional glossary: The “Tortilla Coast Caucus” is now A Thing.

A group of conservatives met up at the humble Capitol Hill Tex-Mex joint on Tuesday night for some anti-Iran deal strategizing. Their confab there, inspired by previous gatherings with Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Tex.), cements the name given them when they met in the House-side eatery’s basement during the 2013 government shutdown.

The label clung a bit following the shutdown session — 10 news stories following their inaugural gatherings refer to them thusly, according to a Nexis search, and much was made of the sudden power status accorded the home of cheap tacos gobbled up by interns  — but Tuesday’s huddle might just seal the moniker’s fate.

Now, it’s not an official designation: Congress is chockablock with registered caucuses (coci?), from the Carbonated and Non-alcoholic (C.A.N) Caucus to the Congressional Chicken Caucus to the Congressional Caucus on Malaria and Neglected Tropical Diseases. And the group gathered in the basement of Tortilla Coast on Tuesday to decry the White House’s Iran nukes deal is technically called The Freedom Caucus.

And it’s also not quite like those gangs that are always forming in the mean corridors of power, a la the Gang of Six (later renamed the Gang of Eight) that tried to push for deficit-cutting measures in 2011, or the Gang of 14 that banded together in 2005 to stave off wars over judicial nominees in the Senate.

But “Tortilla Coast Caucus” is certainly catchier, and at least members know that there’s always some guac nearby.