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Power couple alert: Jon Huntsman’s daughter to wed Gloria Borger’s son

Mary Anne Huntsman and Evan Morgan will wed Oct. 17. (Mary Anne Huntsman)

How’s this for a power union: Mary Anne Huntsman, the daughter of former Utah governor and Republican presidential hopeful Jon Huntsman and wife Mary Kaye, is set to tie the knot later this month to Evan Morgan, the son of CNN chief political analyst Gloria Borger and her husband, Lance Morgan.

She’s an accomplished concert pianist who rose to fame as one third of the “Huntsman girls.” The family’s eldest daughter, her goofy social media posts from the 2012 campaign trail were seen as an asset to their dad.

He’s a finance guy — a partner in Washington investment firm Revolution Growth, whose heavy-hitters include AOL founder Steve Case and Capitols owner Ted Leonsis.

The prospective bride and groom, now both 30, were set in 2013 up by a mutual friend, Lynn de Rothschild, a major Huntsman political backer, whose son was a college friend of Morgan’s.

Mary Anne Huntsman, though, says she was used to dating musicians and actors and was skeptical about this straight-laced businessman. “He was completely boring to me,” she said. “I mean, I grew up around that, and I never thought I’d end up with a guy like that.”

The first two dates were less than sizzling, she recalls — he wore gym clothes for the first and was three hours late for the second — but she surprised herself by giving him another chance.  “I joke that the third time was a charm,” she says. “I was just at a time in my life when I was ready to be with someone normal.”

The requisite meet-the-family rituals were a success, and Huntsman, who was raised Mormon, plans to convert to Judaism after the Oct. 17 wedding in Montana. The couple plans to make Washington their home base.

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