A rapper running for president? That’s almost as two thousand and late as the phrase two thousand and late. Now all the cool kids want to run Congress because, according to Atlanta rapper Waka Flocka Flame, that’s where the real power is.

On Monday, Flame announced his plans to run for Speaker of the House, a gig, he correctly points out, that even non-members of Congress can have because of an apparent loophole in the Constitution.

“There’s no law against it, and it’s a job I want,” he said in a video posted to the humor Web site Funny or Die.

“I was going to run for president,” he continued, referencing his announcement on April 20 that he’d throw his hat in the race for the White House. “But then I realized that, A, I’m too young, and B, that’s not where the real power is.”

In his most recent announcement video Flame details the policies he would push through Congress, namely legalizing marijuana, tighter gun control and supporting women’s rights. And he pooh-poohs “stupid s—” such as the Trans-Pacific Partnership, voter ID laws, and building a wall around Mexico.

Even if you’ve never heard of him, Flame’s hip-hop take on the election process — he dissed current speaker candidate Rep. Paul Ryan by calling him a mall cop — is undeniably de rigueur. Running for something, anything, during the never-ending election cycle is clearly a surefire way to stay in the news for struggling entertainers (Flame’s last big hit was in 2010) to superstars (here’s looking at you, Kanye) alike.