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Chris Christie mistakes Amtrak’s quiet car for the talking car

New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a Republican presidential candidate, speaks to supporters at the Speedway Cafe in Newton, Iowa, on Wednesday. (Bryon Houlgrave/the Des Moines Register via AP)

Perhaps Vice President Biden, Amtrak’s most traveled pol, should explain the rules of the quiet car to New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, a GOP presidential candidate.

The blustery Garden State leader reportedly was asked to move from the noise-free zone on a Sunday-morning train from Washington to New York. Christie, who had appeared on CBS’s “Face the Nation,” was heard yelling at his security detail and talking loudly into his phone before a conductor asked him to move to an area where conversations are permitted, per a fellow rider’s account on Gawker. Another rider claims Christie’s convo wasn’t all that intrusive, though, and the Christie campaign has disputed the reported high volume.

A Christie campaign spokeswoman issued an apology, saying the guv didn’t realize that he was on the quiet car.