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His bill, her Twitter following: how cousins Chuck Schumer and Amy Schumer are pushing gun control

Amy Schumer and her cousin, Sen. Chuck Schumer at a news conference in August. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)
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Sen. Chuck Schumer and his cousin, comedian Amy Schumer, teamed up on Sunday to call for tighter gun laws in the wake of a spate of public shootings.

It’s the second time the cousins Schumer have made a push on the initiative, but it likely isn’t the end of the road for the power duo that now refer to themselves as “Schumer & Schumer.”

It’s a match made in celeb-vocating heaven — the senator has legislation to sell (he’s planning to introduce a bill to shut down loopholes that allow guns to be sold without background checks online and at gun shows), and the current It girl of comedy has more than 2 million Twitter followers hanging on her every hashtag. Advocates no doubt will welcome that kind of reach, since gun-control legislation faces an uphill battle in the GOP-controlled Congress.

A little backstory on the pair: The senator’s first cousin, Gordon Schumer, is the comedian’s dad, and though the family is friendly, it’s not like they knew one another from hanging out over Thanksgiving turkey over the years. The senator connected last year with his all-grown-up cousin once removed at Shakespeare in the Park.

The meeting proved fortuitous. When a gunman opened fire at a screening of her comedy “Trainwreck” in Louisiana in the summer, the actress knew where to take her activism. And the media-savvy Schumer was happy to borrow his cousin’s white-hot spotlight to push the issue. “Live from New York: We’re aiming for a change,” he said on Sunday, per the AP, referring to his cousin’s recent turn hosting “Saturday Night Live.”