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Rep. Bishop’s weight loss draws attention- or so his press office hopes

Rep. Rob Bishop pictured after his recent weight loss. (Courtesy of Committee on Natural Resources Press Office)

Rep. Rob Bishop (R-Utah) slimmed down a lot. And his team wants you to notice.

Bishop’s press secretary sent an e-mail on Friday drawing attention to the man of the hour’s new trim physique.

“If you haven’t seen him lately, Chairman Bishop is looking pretty svelte these days. He can even pull off all white – a feat not many of us can accomplish,” it reads.

An updated media kit provides his “latest and greatest” photos, along with social media photos of him looking trim while fishing.

How did he lose the weight? No magic cure here. It looks like even politicians have to do it the old fashioned way.

“If you ask him how he lost the weight, he always responds with I stopped eating,” his press secretary said, who estimated he’s lost over 60 pounds since January. We heard he likes to hit up the racquetball court for exercise too. Unfortunately, it looks like we have to keep sweating our way through soul cycle class.