Radio host Tommy McFly, right, and his fiance Chrys Kefalas. (Shealah Craighead)

He’s gonna have to change his work bio. The first official line on local radio host Tommy McFly reads, “Tommy McFLY is the big-hearted single guy…” But the Ryan Seacrest of the District airwaves is single no more.

On Wednesday, McFly, 29, announced via his eponymous morning show on 94.7 Fresh FM that he is engaged to partner Chrys Kefalas, 35, a Republican running for retiring Sen. Barbara A. Mikulski’s U.S. Senate seat.

Here’s the thing though: they’ve been engaged since May.

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So why the months-long delay in announcing the breaking news, especially from the guy who’s made a name for himself by spilling all the celebrity tea for his listeners (aka “the Fresh Family”)?

“I’ve been looking for a time to say it,” said McFly, who didn’t come out to his family — both back home and on air — until after he began seriously dating Kefalas. “The more you don’t say it, the longer it gets and the harder it gets.”

The biggest obstacle, continued McFly, was optics. With Kefalas launching an exploratory committee and McFly’s on-air image, the couple didn’t want their work life to get in the way of real life. Or to put it in Washington-speak: “I didn’t want it to seem like a political play,” said McFly, who met Kefalas over a big plate of fajitas and margaritas in 2013.

Because Kefalas, a Baltimore native who personally urged the Maryland legislature to pass same-sex marriage, had been ready to tie the knot early in the couple’s relationship, it was decided that McFly, who took a bit longer to warm to the idea, would do the asking when he was ready.

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“The whole ‘proposing to a dude’ market hasn’t quite caught up,” joked McFly. So after a ton of online research and ring shopping with his fellow radio hosts, Kelly Collis and Jen Richer, McFly decided to pop the question on a “half knee half couch situation” at their home.

Six months after the “yes,” the couple still haven’t made any firm plans–boutonniere and tablecloths are not on the future grooms’ radars just yet. But Kefalas has a few ideas.

“The road to this moment wasn’t easy for both of us, but, thanks to so many who’ve come before and were willing to step up and out for a better future, that Big Fat Greek Wedding I’ve always dreamed about can still be the reality,” he said in an email statement.

And McFly does have a date in mind. “Win, lose or draw, ” he said, “we’re looking to get married after the election.”