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White House quotes DJ Khaled in its Snapchat debut

Rapper/producer DJ Khaled, wearing a shirt with his “another one” slogan on it. (Photo by John Salangsang/Invision/AP)

The White House just joined Snapchat (@WhiteHouse), and its snap game is already strong.

For its inaugural post on the social-media app, the administration took a page out of the king of the Snapchat’s book. The video of someone filming their surroundings while walking in the dark comes with the caption, “The key: get some rest before the big day.” The words most likely refer to the State of the Union address, which President Obama will deliver before Congress on Tuesday.

That phrasing will be familiar to avid snappers — “the key” is a construction popularized by rapper/producer DJ Khaled, who exploded into social media fame this year with inspirational sayings. One of his go-to ways to motivate fans is by instructing them on “the keys” to success.

Some of his popular musings? “The key is to make it,” “in life everyone has a choice. The key is: make a right choice,” and even “the key to more success is cocoa butter.”

The phrase has become a slogan of millennials, along with the music producer’s other favorite, “another one.” (“It’s when you’re doing push-ups, or you’re doing sit-ups, whatever let’s get it…another one,” he said in a motivational speech posted on Dec. 5)

We say the key to success is being quoted by the White House. Bless up (that’s another Khaled-ism), DJ Khaled.