On the hit political series “House of Cards,” Michael Kelly plays a chillingly cold-blooded (and homicidal) political operative. But in real life, it seems the actor might actually be kind of sweet.

He turned up on Capitol Hill this week to lobby for the reauthorization of the Older American Act — and the backstory of how he came to the issue is heart-warming: he’s following in the footsteps of his mom, a longtime advocate for the elderly. Kelly teamed up with the National Association of Area Agencies on Aging to press for the legislation, meeting with several lawmakers to make the case.

“We greatly appreciate Michael’s vocal support for the home and community-based programs that help older adults age with dignity, health and independence,” a rep for the organization says. “By all accounts, he did a wonderful job.”

Kelly’s mother, Maureen Kelly, retired last year from one of the national association’s member organizations, the group says.

And while the actor seemed at home in the marble corridors, shaking hands with lawmakers and stopping to chat with CNN reporters in the Capitol, Kelly hasn’t — yet — had to resort to the kind of machinations that his HoC character, White House chief of staff Doug Stamper, might employ to get what he wants (ie, no kidnapping, blackmailing, or murder were committed).