President Obama wasn’t the only one who enjoyed Joel McHale’s performance at the WHCD. (Olivier Douliery/EPA)

Who says the White House Correspondents’ Dinner is all air-kissing and photo ops?

We’ve long known the annual Hollywood-meets-Washington mixer was a place where romantic connections are made (just ask newlywed actors Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello, who met cute at the 2014 dinner), and now, there’s more evidence that actual business gets done amid  the crush.

Like casting.

Chris Carter,  director of the “X-Files” and its much-anticipated reboot premiering Sunday, says comedian/actor Joel McHale won his role in the upcoming series thanks to his performance roasting the president at the 2014 dinner. As the dinner’s professional entertainer, McHale offered up a burn-laced roast of politics, the media  and celebs alike. Carter liked what he saw.

“I cast Joel after seeing his appearance at the White House Correspondents dinner, which was hilarious,” the director said in a preview video. “He had exactly the quality I was looking for.”

McHale’s routine did include a few relevant barbs. The actor, who has said he was a huge fan of the original conspiracy-theory-laced “X-Files,” indicated an interest in the otherworldly. “C-SPAN is like one of those ‘Paranormal Activity’ movies,” he told the crowd. “It’s just grainy shots of empty rooms interrupted with images of people you’re pretty sure died a few years ago.”

And it’s a good thing his new bosses at FOX, the “X-Files Re-opened” home, didn’t take umbrage at his put-down of their news network. “Their key demographic?” McHale asked. “The corpses of old people who tuned into Fox News and haven’t yet been discovered.”