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Lynda Carter won’t appear in the new Wonder Woman movie

Lynda Carter as Wonder Woman in 1978. (AP Photo)
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The long-awaited Wonder Woman movie set for release in June features familiar touchstones of the comic-book superhero, per a preview video out this week that quickly went viral: that tiara, those gunshot-deflecting cuffs.

One thing fans won’t see onscreen? Lynda Carter, the actress who played the Amazon princess in the late-1970s TV series and is considered by many to be the iconic Wonder Woman.

At 64, she wasn’t likely to wield the golden lasso herself in the remake (Israeli actress Gal Gadot was cast in the lead role), but speculation was rampant that Carter would at least have a small part in the first major Hollywood film featuring the DC comics character she made famous on the small screen. Some fans even circulated online petitions demanding that she be made part of the project.

Stoking those hopes-slash-rumors was Chris Pine, the actor who plays the superhero’s love interest in the upcoming movie, with his cryptic response when asked recently whether Carter would appear. “If I could tell you that I wouldn’t, but I can’t,” he told E! News.

Carter, who lives with her husband, Washington lawyer Robert Altman, in Potomac, isn’t so much as an extra, her publicist tells us. Not that she’s not excited about the revival. “She wishes its success,” says rep Pete Sanders.

These days, the actress/singer is low-key, appearing at charity and social events, including the Kennedy Center Honors, and doing voice-overs for video games. Carter has long voiced her support for a variety of WW remakes, some of which fizzled or never materialized. And in 2010, the former Miss World USA said she’d consider playing a small role in a then-rumored film.

“If it really is something that is gratuitous I won’t do it; if it’s just for me to show up in it I wouldn’t do it. But if there is something written that they think would be appropriate then most definitely I’d consider it,” she said. “I would love it.”