Rapper B.o.B. threw shade at NASA. (Timothy Hiatt/Getty Images)

Don’t look for NASA to release its own diss track responding to rapper B.o.B, who has been calling out the agency as part of an ongoing Twitter tirade in which he claims that the Earth is, in fact, flat.

Here’s the anthology of the bizarre-o flap: The rapper began sharing images and whack-job conspiracy theories in support of his position on Sunday. After astrophysicist Neil deGrasse Tyson stepped in to school him, B.o.B. threw shade at the scientist and the space agency in a diss track. Sample lyric? “Woo, use your, use your common sense/Why is NASA part of the Department of Defense?”




Tyson even enlisted his nephew to pen a song responding to B.o.B’s. But NASA is planning to stay (much like an Earth-monitoring satellite) above the fray.

“We don’t think there’s a debate to be had,” an agency spokeswoman said. Instead, she pointed anyone interested in the issue to the agency’s’ website and cache of images of our fair planet sent from space.