A governor’s typical work uniform goes something like this: suits, mostly, plus the occasional khakis-and-button-down ensemble.

Virginia Gov. Terry McAuliffe, though, donned a Revolutionary War general’s getup — powdered wig and all — for a recent workday. He has a cameo in the upcoming third season of the AMC spy drama “Turn,” which films in and around Richmond, a thank-you from the show to the governor, who has made attracting film and TV crews to the state part of his economic development agenda.

[PBS Civil War drama to film in Virginia]

Viewers won’t see his small-screen appearance until June 6. But The Richmond Times-Dispatch was there for the taping, and has a few non-spoiler-y details.

McAuliffe reportedly plays Gen. Richard Lawson of the Virginia militia, and fittingly, his one line allowed the amateur actor to demonstrate some Old Dominion pride: “Henry, you can count on the Virginia militia,” McAuliffe-as-Lawson says to a fellow general. “Remember that.”

This isn’t McAuliffe’s first turn before Hollywood cameras. He’s acted in several films, including “The Adjustment Bureau,” starring Matt Damon.