Over the course of its first three episodes, “The Real Housewives of Potomac” — a warts-and-all look at a circle of women who live in or ever so slightly around Potomac, Md. — has left us scratching our heads more often than not. Why have a crab boil if one cannot, in fact, boil crabs? Can someone really be “asked to leave” Potomac? And just who’s writing all these etiquette rules, anyway?

Often the housewives throw out one-liners meant to highlight each woman’s firm foothold in the local scene. But many of those proclamations seem a bit iffy to us — like that one time Charrisse Jackson Jordan said her neighbors in Potomac assumed she was Section 8. So we’ve decided to occasionally fact check the crazier claims made on the show because, well, someone has to. First up: model and mom Katie Rost.

Following the franchise’s well-worn formula, Rost already has an established goal on the horizon and just one obstacle in her way. She wants to get engaged tout de suite, but her beau, investment adviser Andrew Martin, is tip-toeing across the fence. Rost has been far from shy about making her intentions known and who could blame her, because, according to the show, socialite-philanthropist Martin “has a reputation for being an eligible bachelor in this area.” Wait, what?

Before the show, we weren’t at all familiar with Martin’s charms, though the 43-year-old did win bonus points for having the cattiest punchline of Sunday night’s episode, describing housewife Karen Huger thusly: “Imagine Gizelle on performance enhancing bad drugs,” referring to castmate Gizelle Bryant. But jokes aside, is Martin really the talk of the town Rost made him out to be? Our sources say no.

“Never heard of him,” said one tipster who’s on the same charity circuit that Rost, now the head of the Ronald F. Rost Foundation, frequents. Another source said, “I definitely know Katie and have seen her often, but I have never seen him before.” Other scenesters said the same. Love him on the show so far, but hadn’t heard a whiff of him before all the hoopla.

So is Martin’s highly coveted bachelorhood more fact than fiction? We’re going to guess that a lot of reality show fairy dust is coating this particular plot point. After two years of coupledom Martin, who Rost jokingly referred to as “the guy I suckered into taking care of my three kids,” is clearly the reality star’s choice for future fiance of the year, but are the rest of Maryland’s unmarrieds clamoring for a piece of him? Probably not.