George St. Geegland and Gil Faizon — the alter-egos of comedians John Mulaney and Nick Kroll, respectively — have a lot in common with Sen. Bernie Sanders. They’re cranky, kvetchy septuagenarians. They always look a little rumpled. But in a bit the comedians performed last night at the Warner Theatre for “Oh, Hello,” their touring show, it turns out their connection to Sanders goes further than that.

In an audience Q&A, someone asked the characters whether they were voting for Bernie or Hillary.

Kroll, as Faizon: “I think they mean Bernard.”

Mulaney as St. Geegland: “How do they know our Bernard?”

Faizon: “Bernard is running for president.”

St. Geegland: “President of what, the Band-Aid on forehead society?”


The two then launched into a tale of how they knew Sanders from their days in a radical Vermont political group called “The Burlington 3,” a group that was “responsible for the bombing of the original Burlington Coat Factory,” quipped St. Geegland. They’re still politically active “in the ‘Occupy Walgreens’ movement.”


Sanders wasn’t the only politician the characters lampooned. There was Ronald Reagan (who led the country “with a Keanu-like emptiness in his eyes”), Ted Cruz (“Ted Cruz’s face looks like the entire movie ‘Dick Tracy’ pushed together,” or “like a potato ate Superman”), and Martin O’Malley (“That guy’s so done, I don’t even remember his name.”).

It’s not the first time we’re heard their Bernie schtick: They did it some of it for Seth Myers in December. Watch:

“Oh, Hello” has one more performance at the Warner Theater, on Feb. 17.