Hey, isn’t that… The cast and crew of HBO’s “Veep” crawling all over the DMV this week?

A camera crew was at work near the D.C. Superior Court on Tuesday, apparently using the stately building as a stand-in for the Capitol, an on-scene spy tells us. Later in the afternoon, we got word that more cameras and Julia Louis-Dreyfus — who plays the titular vice president — were filming outside and in the lobby of a D.C. government office in Southeast. A faux presidential limo parked outside added to the effect.

According to a notice posted on the D.C. film office website, the political-comedy series will be around through the weekend, though it is mum on exact locations. One tantalizing clue to the show’s doings? The casting agency that supplies local extras for the show posted a notice that it was seeking actors, including those with motorcycle-riding skills, for the shoot.

On Monday, Louis-Dreyfus posted a series of Instagram pics showing the filming in her old stomping grounds in the Spring Hill neighborhood.

After shooting for four years in Baltimore, the political comedy series decamped for sunnier weather (and more importantly, bigger tax incentives) in California, though it still needs to shoot exteriors in D.C. sometimes for the kind of facades you can’t build on a sound stage.

We just came upon this odd structure. Can anyone identify it for us? @mrtonyhale #Veep @veephbo

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