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Get your crayons ready — there’s an RBG coloring book

Ruth Bader Ginsburg coloring pages (Courtesy of
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The cult-y/cool fan base of Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is well documented. (See the hipster tattoos of her likeness or those “Notorious RBG” T-shirts.)

Now, there’s another trendy Ginsburg ode: RBG-themed coloring pages for grown-ups — yes, the kindergartner’s favorite pastime is now a full-on adult phenomenaThe BYOC (bring your own crayons) craft, available at womens’ website, is debuting in time to celebrate the justice’s 83rd birthday on March 15.

SheKnows writer Jeanne Sager says artistic abilities aren’t needed to enjoy the images, which include a Lisa Frank-esque one of Ginsburg astride a unicorn and another of the justice flashing a tattoo of her own. “RBG is that kind of woman that colors outside the lines,” she says.