During a State Dinner of Alaskan halibut and baby lamb chops Thursday night, President Obama and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau delivered toasts from the head table in the East Room of the White House. Here are the best lines, starting with invocations of Canada-born pop star Justin Bieber:

Obama: “Mr. Prime Minister, after today I think it’s fair to say here in America you may well be the most popular Canadian named Justin.”

Trudeau: “One of our most popular exports to the United States — and we need you stop teasing him — has been another Justin. Now, you know, that kid has had a great year. Of course, leave it to a Canadian to reach international fame with a song called ‘Sorry.'”

Obama, referencing President Nixon’s remarks during a private dinner in Ottawa 44 years ago: “‘Tonight we’ll dispense with the formalities,’ President Nixon said. ‘I’d like to propose a toast to the future prime minister of Canada: Justin Pierre Trudeau.’ He was 4 months [old] at the time. All these years later, the prediction has come to pass.”

Trudeau: “I would argue that it’s better to be the leader of a country that consistently wins Olympic gold medals in hockey. President Obama would disagree. And yet he still invited us over for dinner. Because that’s what friends do.”

Obama, with a nod to Ted Cruz: “Where else could a boy from Calgary grow up to run for president of the United States?”

Trudeau, on the U.S.-Canada relationship: “We’re actually closer than friends. We’re more like siblings, really. We have shared parentage though we took different paths in our later years. We became the stay-at-home type. You grew to be a little more rebellious.”

Obama: “And to the great credit of their people, Canadians from British Columbia to New Brunswick have so far rejected the idea of building a wall to keep out your southern neighbors. We appreciate that.”

Trudeau: “May the special connection between our two countries continue to flourish in the years to come, and may my gray hair come in at a much slower rate than yours has.”