Meghan King Edmonds talks on Capitol Hill on March 16. (Brian Threlkeld)

Celebs: Heather Dubrow and Meghan King Edmonds, two cast members from the “Real Housewives of Orange County,” the original Bravo reality show that spawned the now ubiquitous McMansions-and-Botox RH franchise.

Cause: Screening for colorectal cancer — specifically, the passage of legislation to boost Medicare coverage for colonoscopies. Dubrow’s grandmother died of colorectal cancer, as did a close friend of Edmonds’s (for those who follow the RHOC drama, that would be LeAnn Huntley Edmonds-Horton, her husband’s ex-wife and the mother of her two stepdaughters).

Scene: The glam lobbyists — both in conservative blouses and skirts and those signature Housewife blowouts — joined a lineup of speakers addressing a roomful of pumped-up Fight Colorectal Cancer volunteers gathered in the Rayburn House Office Building ahead of a day of meeting with lawmakers.

Notice a few more cameras than one might expect? Well, that’s business as usual in the reality-TV biz.

Soundbite(s): Dubrow, 47, contrasted the delight her young children take in talking about bodily functions with the reserve most adults have in discussing colorectal issues. “Just when it’s the most important time to talk about it, we stop talking about it,” she said. “Let’s keep the conversation going.”

And Edmonds, 31, struck a personal note. “LeAnn did not die in vain,” she said. “You are fighters … and we can cure this.”

Heather Dubrow addresses a group of volunteers and lawmakers. (Brian Threlkeld)