When Rep. Rod Blum last week tweeted a picture of the crane-filled Southwest waterfront, saying D.C. is “being built on the backs of U.S. taxpayers” and “needs a recession,” the Iowa Republican might have scored some points with critics of the Beltway — but he made a few enemies, too.

For one, the comments ticked off Tony Tomelden, the owner of the Pug, the low-key bar on H Street NE, and co-owner of watering hole Brookland’s Finest, who is now vowing to raise money for one of Blum’s Democratic challengers, Cedar Rapids City Council member Monica Vernon. On April 14, he’s throwing the Pug’s doors open for a fundraiser: $20 at the door gets you unlimited beer.

Tomelden is typically more likely to be found pulling taps than political strings (the bar’s Twitter bio reads “No politics, no bombs, no idiots”), but he said he’s just standing up for the District. “I’m not a fan of politics, but I’m also not a fan of people insulting my hometown,” he said. “It’s lazy and easy to make fun of D.C. — but I don’t get federal money for my endeavors like this guy does.”

Hard to tell if Blum’s calculated Beltway bashing will help or hurt him in the long run. Our colleague Amber Phillips recently called his district, which Obama won in 2012, the “most likely to flip” from GOP hands to the Dems in 2016.