Michelle Obama has some help in remixing her pro-veggie “Turnip for What” video that went viral in 2014. On Tuesday, the day the White House is planting the produce in its famed kitchen garden, FLOTUS celebrated by releasing another brief video, this one featuring Golden State Warriors star Steph Curry and his wife, Ayesha.

“Turnip?” Ayesha Curry asks in the clip, brandishing a root veggie, as the DJ Snake and Lil Jon song “Turn Down for What” plays.

“For what?” Steph Curry lip syncs, as he, his wife and Obama break into a dance party, waving turnips.

The clip appears to have been shot during the Curry family’s February visit to the White House.

The dancing-with-veggies video is just the most recent example of Michelle Obama’s shrewd social media game. As her chief of staff, Tina Tchen, said at a recent forum, it’s a way to reach a large audience with a bit of goofiness the president typically can’t project — at least not until recently, when President Obama helped “Hamilton” phenom Lin-Manuel Miranda freestyle in the Rose Garden.

“The ability to … put out a viral video, and you can hit tens of millions of people, and it doesn’t cost you anything — that’s pretty remarkable,” Tchen said. “We in the East Wing have the ability to be a little freer … to do a rap video — though I guess now the president does rap videos too, now that it’s his second term.”