Celeb: Singer/actress/fashion icon Cher, whose Twitter feed is a gold mine of unfiltered thoughts and wacky emojis.

Candidate: It appeared Cher was leaning toward supporting Sen. Bernie Sanders on April 13 when she tweeted “Realized now that I have much common ground and respect for Sen Sanders/Bernie. To be brutally honest… I’m torn up.” But on April 17 she declared herself: “Most know I’ve had a hard time. Bernie’s ideas are valuable, but I can’t see any passing. I pray Hillary will hear with her heart. Move left and fight hard people.” She was quick to clarify if Sanders does secure the nomination, however, she will support him.

Money quote: “I must follow my head. I believe #she’srightforourtime,” she tweeted on April 17.

Does it matter? Cher’s biggest hits might have been decades ago, but her fan base is loyal — and diverse. The longtime Dem activist recently donated water to Flint, Mich., residents and bashes the GOP (especially front-runner Donald Trump) to her 3.04 million Twitter followers. While it’s unclear whether her endorsement will noticeably help Clinton’s campaign, it’s safe to say the free publicity from the goddess of pop won’t hurt the Democratic front-runner.