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The Onion’s throwing Joe Biden a party. He won’t be there.

Veep Biden gestures after donning a pair of sunglasses as he delivers the Class Day Address at Yale University on May 17 in New Haven, Conn. (Jessica Hill/AP)

Every year the parties circling the White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner become more buzzy than the actual black-tie dinner itself. Each fete boasts a swankier locale and A-listier roster, promising more glitz and glamour than the last exclusive password-protected invitation.

Then there’s the “fiesta” vowing “cold brews, killer tuneage and bitchin’ times.”

Nope, it’s not an invite to Coachella. It’s for “Diamond Joe Biden’s badass balls-to-the-wall fiesta” to be held after the official dinner on Saturday night. This is not a drill. Or a joke apparently.

If it sounds like something cooked up by the Onion, well, that’s because it is. Except unlike most things that come from the satirical news outlet, next Saturday’s party is really happening.

“Our editor in chief, Cole Bolton, is attending the dinner this year, and since it’s Diamond Joe’s last year in office, we thought it was the perfect opportunity to throw a balls-to-the-wall bash,” said Lauren Pulte, The Onion’s PR and communications manager. The after party on April 30 is the media organization’s first invite-only WHCD event.

The bash may be in Biden’s honor, but don’t expect to see an aviator-sporting, quote-spouting Uncle Joe among the beer guzzlers at the Newseum. Biden isn’t a big fan of the “goofy uncle” meme, and the vice president’s office confirmed he will not be attending The Onion’s party.