So maybe that scandal involving a report that Fox News White House correspondent Ed Henry had an extra-marital affair isn’t going to blow over as painlessly as it might have seemed.

There are mounting woes for the married dad, whose alleged dalliance with a Las Vegas woman was the subject of a report in In Touch magazine earlier this week: A second tabloid, the National Enquirer, on Tuesday published another account (with plenty of graphic details) describing the woman they identify as a Las Vegas stripper’s year-long involvement with Henry.

And then his big boss weighed in with some ominous words. “This raises serious questions about Ed’s lack of judgement, especially given his position as a journalist,” Fox News chairman and chief executive Roger Ailes said in a statement to our colleague Eric Wemple.

Previously, the only response from the network had been that Henry was taking some time off to deal with “personal issues.”

Henry, 44, is married to NPR deputy Washington editor Shirley Hung and has two children from a previous marriage.