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Dana Bash and Spencer Garrett still going strong

Dana Bash, Spencer Garrett and Kelly Rutherford attend the Time and People’s party on White House Correspondents’ Weekend on April 24 in Washington. (Michael Loccisano/Getty Images for Time and People)
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If the average Hollywood couple lasts about three magazine covers and a typical Washington pair can span an administration, what’s on the horizon for a mash-up of the two? Ask CNN’s Dana Bash and “the guy from that thing” actor Spencer Garrett. The bicoastal couple celebrated three years of dating — and red carpets — with friends at Rasika West End on Saturday. We’re not sure how long that is in D.C. years, but the outlook is good.

Among the group of well wishers was local insider-turned-tech-entrepreneur Susanna Quinn, chief executive of Veluxe, who apparently also moonlights as a matchmaker. Quinn, who appeared with Garrett in the 2010 film “Below the Beltway,” was responsible for setting the actor and the anchor up.

In 2013, Quinn and Garrett, then on break from filming “House of Cards” in Baltimore, were out shopping for a suit Garrett could wear to a Preakness event with co-star Kevin Spacey. While browsing the District’s plethora of seersucker options, the 52-year-old actor asked Quinn if she knew any smart, single women. Her reply according to our source? “Yes, the smartest single woman alive: Dana Bash.”

Moments later Bash, 44, got a text message from Quinn: “Google Spencer Garrett and come over tonight.” The couple have been going strong ever since.